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The Zakoura Foundation is one of fifteen finalists


The Zakoura Foundation is one of fifteen finalists chosen by the World Summit on Innovation for Education (WISE) thanks to its innovation in addressing the challenges facing the world of education today. “The Wise Awards each year select the most innovative educational projects around the world and also those who find solutions to meet the challenges of education with very strict selection criteria. This year, the fifteen finalist projects come from nine countries. The Zakoura Foundation was chosen by the Wise Awards for its project “Aneer”, National Action for Early Childhood Education in Rural Areas.

The project “Aneer” was created to target the increase of pre-schools in rural areas. The project aims to create 500 schools to benefit 50,000 children aged between 4 to 6 years of age. “We are very honored that our project” Aneer “is among the fifteen finalists of the Wise Awards. We hope that this will highlight the importance of education from an early age and the urgency of making it a priority in the region. We are very pleased to join the Wise community to share best practices in education. Thank you to the Wise and congratulations to all the other finalists, “said Rita El Kadiri, Director General Development and Partnerships of the Zakoura Foundation. It is worth noting that among the fifteen finalists only six projects will be winners of the Wise Awards in September 2017. They will receive their award at the eighth World Summit on Innovation for Education, which will take place from 14 to 16 November in Doha In Qatar.


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