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The Tramway supplier soon to be designated


Casa Transport

The Tramway supplier for the T3 and T4 lines will soon be designated

The local development company (SDL) Casa Transport held a public meeting last Thursday at the reception and opening of the administrative and technical files on the offers launched in January 2017 , Concerning the supply of rolling stock for the future T3 and T4 lines of the Casablanca tramway.
According to a press release, the call concerns the acquisition of a firm tranche of 100 tramsets and a conditional tranche of 20 trainsets. The receipt of the first tramways of this new order should take place during the first half of 2020.

The “Alstom Transport”, the Spanish-Canadian “Bombardier”, the Czech “Skoda Transportation A.S.” and the Chinese “CRRC Zhuzhou Locamotive Co., Ltd.” are the four competitors in the bid. The tramways, which are the subject of this invitation to tender, will be used for the purposes of T3 and T4 lines with an overall length of 28 km and whose commissioning dates are planned for the end of 2021 and the end of 2022, . “In line with the overall schedule for the T3 and T4 lines, this important call for tenders is expected to be awarded in December 2017,” the press release concludes. It should be noted that the T2 line currently under construction, with a length of 17 km, should be commissioned at the end of October 2018.



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