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The ONCF mobilized to facilitate the mobility of passengers


The National Railway Board (ONCF) is preparing to facilitate the mobility of several thousand passengers on its trains throughout the summer period 2017.

All ONCF teams are mobilized to ensure the Customers are in the best conditions of comfort and security measures are taking care of, with 225 trains are scheduled every day from Wednesday 28 June to Friday 15 September 2017 with the reinforcement of the main axes: Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, Marrakech, Tangiers, Oujda, Nador and Khouribga, 1.000 railway workers are mobilized to accompany and assist travelers by providing them with all the necessary information, with teams identifiable by their red waistcoat, dedicated specifically to information and to the care of travelers.

In order to facilitate the purchase of tickets and avoid long lines, the Office is strengthening the number of ATM’s and setting up automatic ticket machines, in addition to the possibility of purchasing tickets online: Www.oncf-voyages.ma. Similarly, the ONCF offers its customers low-cost travel offers to make the journey to the map by train more accessible and adapted to the budget of the different segments of travelers: group, family and youth.

The summer program also provides a new offer for Oriental travelers with more frequencies of trains to cover the whole day, departure and arrival times adapted according to customer’s needs and simplified connections to Fez towards The main cities of Morocco. In order to avoid possible congestion during certain periods during this summer, the Office invites its friendly clientele to inquire beforehand on the schedules of the solicited lines, to obtain the return tickets in advance and to respect Taking the trains shown on the tickets.



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