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Oujda celebrates the 11th Rai Festival


The capital of the Oriental will vibrate to the rhythm of the rai from 15 to 22 July. It is hosting the International Festival of Rai for the eleventh year. This event, which attracts spectators from Morocco and abroad, promises a rich and varied program. “Rap, Gnaoui music and Hassani rhythms are on the agenda of this edition,” said a statement from the association Oujda Arts, organizer of the event.

The festival’s audience will have a rendezvous this Saturday, July 15th at the stage of the Theater Mohammed VI with the troupe “Salam Africain”, the artist Mimoun Oujdi and the diva of the song of Aïta, El Hajja Hamdaouiya. The “Zir Ibn Atiya” Square will host on Tuesday, July 18, a group of talents of the raï, with the participation of the diva of the song Hassanie Rachida Talal. The same scene will host on Wednesday 19 July the 10 finalists of the competition “Raï Academie”.

The evening of the festival will begin at the Stadium of Honor of the city of Oujda (Hay Oued Nachef), on the evening of Thursday, July 20, with a concert by Gnawa Amine, the group “H-Kayne” Lebanese artist Riad El Omr and the artists Faysal Sghir and cheb EL Adjal. The public will have an appointment during the second concert scheduled for July 21 with Hamid El Kasri, artist Talbi One, Cheb Kader and Algerian artist Faudel. The closing of the festival will see the participation of the maâlem “Gnawa Amine”, the troupe “Tiw-Tiw”, the artist Mouss Mahir, the Algerino and Kader Japouni.

This festival animates the whole city of Oujda and encourages the radiance of the music of the rai. It also offers different music evenings to satisfy all tastes. “The Oujda International Raï Festival has become an annual event to celebrate raï music. This cultural event enjoys considerable support from various stakeholders, especially the public, “said Mohamed Amara, president of the Oujda Arts Association. And to add that the Oriental has long been a space for exchange between cultures and civilizations, as well as a cradle of music rai and reggada, which is one of the components of the Moroccan identity.

To remember that the Rai Festival has become a space open to the world’s music, knowing that the Oriental region has always been open to different cultures. The organization of this artistic event has always aimed at the preservation of ancestral music with a particular attention paid to the music of the new generation.



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