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Pamela Anderson to draw attention on social media

Pamela Anderson posted a message on her Instagram where she evokes the recent lie. These few lines are accompanied by a cliché of the topless American star.

Pamela Anderson will never stop raising temperature on social media. The former candidate of Danse with the stars 9 is almost naked on her Instagram account this Tuesday, November 20th. The pretty blonde posted a shot of her in black and white photo, feet in the sand and hands in her hair. On this one, she is wearing a transparent t-shirt and lets you see her chest.

However, Pamela Anderson did not just draw attention to her picture. Indeed, what she wrote in the post seems to carry a hidden message. Who is she talking to ? It is really impossible to say. “You believe lies, so you do not believe anyone except you … Is it really important? Nobody is totally honest … It’s human nature. You have to be open to this practice, you have to live it and do not be afraid, let them lie, “she writes.

The 51-year-old American star loves to engage openly on her social networks and does not hesitate to share her moods.

photo: instagram

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