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Why Wearing Ties Can Harm Your Health

This is a study that will not reassure the tie wearers. The accessory could indeed be harmful to the blood circulation because of its effects on the veins of the neck.

A German study, analyzed and relayed by La Vanguardia, warns against the potentially harmful effects on health, the regular wearing of the tie. This essentially masculine accessory would reduce the blood flow to the brain.

To achieve these results, published in the journal Neuroradiology at the end of June, researchers paid particular attention to the jugular veins of the neck of 30 young men who did not have a particular cerebrovascular problem. “Fifteen of them could wear shirts with the collar open and others had to wear ties,”.

Several scanners, tie knotted or not, buttoned collar or not – performed on each individual in each group found that:

In the group wearing the tie, the blood flow to the brain was reduced by 7.5% between the initial scan (open collar and loose tie) and the second (closed collar, tie knotted). ”

The study draws attention to the fact that such a decrease does not necessarily lead to highly perceptible symptoms but may be sufficient to impair cognitive abilities.

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