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Tekachi sixtynine faces heavy charges and possibly 30+ years in prison

The 22 year old rapper 6ix9ine was arrested last Sunday by federal agents, apparently he is accused of heavy charges: 6ix9ine risk of 32 years of life imprisonment for his actions.

His arrest, together with four of his associates, is the result of a nearly five-year investigation into the criminal activities of the gang of Nine Trey Gangsters, of whom 6ix9ine would be part of. 69 is targeted by no less than seventeen counts: armed robbery, premeditation of murder and drug trafficking, among others. The young rapper was also involved in the business of heroin, fentanyl, MDMA and marijuana.

But it is more the acts of violence of which the rapper is guilty of which calls out:

Armed robbery in April 2018, some stolen objects were found at the rapper’s home.
Possession of an AR-15 assault rifle.
A shooting in April 2018 inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn after a member of his team opened fire.
Shootout on the street in July, after 6ix9ine ordered to shoot a disrespectful passerby towards the gang
“The members of this association promoted and celebrated the criminal conduct of the gang, acts of violence and the use of firearms in music videos and on social networks.

The objectives of the gang included the preservation and protection of its power, territory and profits through acts involving murder.

If convicted, 6ix9ine risks at least 32 years of imprisonment. The minimum penalty for racketeering charges is seven years, and that for alleged gang activity is 25 years. A federal judge has already rejected the bail of 1.7 million US Dollars.

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