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Sony launches a mini version of its famous PlayStation console

Sony jumps into the arena of retro video game consoles with the PlayStation Classic, a miniature version of the original PlayStation including 20 pre-installed games. She will arrive on the shelves just in time for the holidays.

The small console looks almost in all respects to the original, except for its size: it is 45% smaller. Its yellow, white and red RCA jacks have also been replaced by an HDMI jack, and the disk drive is fake and will not open.

The PlayStation Classic will be delivered with two controllers similar to the first ones launched on the market, that is to say that they do not have analog handles.

We know for the moment only 5 of the 20 games that will be preinstalled on the console, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms. The remaining 15 games will be announced in the coming weeks.

The PlayStation Classic will be launched December 3, 24 years to the day after the release of the PlayStation in Japan.

Sony is not the only one to ride the wave of nostalgia for old consoles. Nintendo has also benefited a lot in recent years with miniature reissues of the NES and SNES, with the suffix Classic Edition. SEGA is planning to launch a model of its Genesis in 2019, and a company called Retro Games this year introduced a small computer Commodore 64.

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