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High speed trains (TGV) will hit 320 KM/H in the second test September 18th 2017


Dynamic testing of the High speed trains (TGV) started in February. The maximum speed of operation, 320 km / h, will be tested during this month of September on a section of 120 km. The first semester of 2018 will be devoted to final tests and to the approval of all the elements of the system

Dynamic testing, one of the critical phases of the project, has already started. The future Moroccan speed train should soon reach its maximum speed. “The first phase of dynamic tests on the high-speed network, where we reached 160 km / h, took place last February.

The second stage will take place on September 18, 2017, where the High speed train will hit the 320 km / h. The tests will take place on a first section of 120 kilometers of the track dedicated to high speed, the only one able to accommodate trains of this type.
In terms of infrastructure, the project is progressing, and the implementation rate exceeds 90%.

Railway equipment will be finalized by the end of this year. “The first half of 2018 will be reserved for the final tests and for the approval of all elements, so that the commercial exploitation can start by the summer of 2018 as planned.

In terms of infrastructure, stations are still under development. The rate of advancement of Tangier is currently 65%.

The station required an investment of 360 million DH. It is built on a covered area of ​​10,500 m2 with passenger traffic areas, counters, boarding rooms, shops and more than 77,000 m2 of outdoor facilities.

The high-speed train maintenance workshop, inaugurated in September 2015, is one of the jewels of the project. Intended to meet the maintenance, preventive and curative needs of high-speed trains, it required an investment of 640 million DH. It has already allowed, initially, to carry out the reassembly of the trains at their reception. The workshop is sized for a fleet of 30 high-speed trains, with an area of ​​14 hectares, including 20,000 m² of covered buildings.


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