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A Great Moroccan Writer Hit a Home Run


 Abdelkarim Jouiti was honored by the Ministry of Culture’s Academy in Beni Mellal and the Mazagan in El Jadida for Culture and Art by his novel “The Moroccans” which allowed him to win the first prize of Morocco’s Edition 2017.

He got the ball rolling as a Professor; thus, he was a Regional Director in the Ministry of Culture and he used to working as a writer and a translator. Accordingly, he has composed many novels like “The Sun’s Night”, published by “The Union of Moroccans Writers” in 1992.

He was praised, by this latter Union, in accordance with his novel “The Joy of The Death” which was edited by “Middle Africa” in 1996 and was translated into French. In addition, “The Yellow Morilla” was published by “The Clubbing Prospects” in 2002; then, “The Booklet’s Damage” was printed by The Arab Cultural Center in 2007.



Amina Raif



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