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530 million DH is released by the Fund for Rural Development and Mountain Areas


500 km of roads will be reserved for the countryside and landlocked areas of the region, for an envelope of 530 million DH

The Regional Council of the Oriental has just launched its program of rural development and mountain areas. Implementation studies launched in 2016 identified needs and developed a roadmap. 530 million DH were thus released by the Fund for Rural Development and Mountain Areas. They will be used for the construction of 500 km of roads to open the Douars and isolated dwellings.

The eight provinces of the region are affected by this upgrading program aimed at improving the living conditions, and the populations have long suffered from the lack of a road network that allows them to access the basic services provided by the social departments.
These new routes will also facilitate the marketing of agricultural products, and will generate income for the targeted populations. They will also boost the commercial activity of several weekly souks and markets.

In parallel with this program to strengthen the rural road network, other projects, in partnership with the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, will be launched during the fourth quarter of 2017. They will contribute to the realization of 1,100 km of structuring axes (provincial, regional and national roads) for a budget of 1.7 billion DH. A program spread over five years (2017/2021). The first works will be launched in the provinces of Berkane, Driouch and Taourirt.

This 55 km section of road is of major importance for improving traffic flow, combating the outrages road accidents and facilitating the transport of agricultural products in the Berkane region.

With the double track linking Nador to Taourirt, the whole northern part of the Oriental will be connected to the national highway.

In addition to the road network, other development programs are being implemented to benefit rural areas. They target the electrification of 193 douars and the extension of the drinking water distribution network. A program in partnership with the ONEE for which 223 million DH were released. 


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